Wythl was the name of the mentor that the TKA took apprenticeship under. He was the greatest toast kicker in the world until he discovered the TKA, who far surpassed him at an early age. (You may think "Wow, this story must be extremely false as everyone knows TKA practically invented toast kicking and Wythl couldn't have possibly kicked it before TKA was alive or even trained! You guys are really stupid!!!" Well, you reader, are the stupid one, because as everyone knows, the enlightened TKA lives in all time streams at one, so the answer is simple: Time travel. Well, back to the story.) As jealousy slowly mounted, Wythl found himself going insane, and as a final cry for help, picked up the dark art of grilled cheese kicking. His power soon grew to enormous levels, even surpassing the TKA's for a time, but as the TKA steadily and stably rose with power, Wythl was forced to retreat for a time into his lair. Wythl's dark kicking relies on having a steady supply of grilled cheese. He greedily hordes all grilled cheese in his lair, growing more monstrous and deformed every day, only going out at night to steal grilled cheese, wherever it may be.


As a dark lord of grilled cheese kicking, even at lowest strength, he is several times more powerful than the average man. At full power, the grilled cheese kicking allows him reality warping powers, near unlimited strength, and nigh invulnerability. He is an immortal, and is able to rise from the dead and come back if he is defeated. Due to millenia of grilled cheese kicking, he is a master of the art, and also is only bested by his arch-nemesis, the TKA in toast kicking. He also plays a mean fiddle.

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