The Trioctigonicus is an object that is perhaps the most interesting thing to ever exist. Many are not sure what it is or does, but one can be sure that it is so interesting, that people will give up on a chance to breathe just to stare at it for another moment.

The Trioctigonicus
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A picture of the Trioctigonicus, drawn by a blind person.

This object also distorts space around it, and emits a large stream of antiradiation. The history behind this object shows that it fell from space around 1.578 billion years ago, and in the time it took to get present day, it has been sneezed upon by several gods, toast kicked by the TKA, toast kicked again by the Enlightened TKA, struck by lightning, chronicled on the internet, given a talk show, earned a doctorate in ecology, fed to sharks, sunken to the bottom of the ocean, and had a sword pulled out of it by some kid named Arthur.

Some people also find it impossible to breathe while observing the object.


Molecular Makeup

No one really knows what the Trioctigonicus is made up of, just that it is really cool looking. When viewed through a microscope, it is shown to consist of a stable space loop.

The Trioctigonicus Web
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This is a representation of the universes accessible via the Trioctigonicus.
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