Toast Physics

Toast Physics borders along the world of quantum mechanics and conventional physics. It is thought to be the biggest, best, greatest, newest, and most promising field of science.

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Toast Physics was created by Dr. Gnorts-Kluh, who was a prime follower of TKA and devoted his life to proving the science of TKA. He learned of an ancient theroy that toast can change the laws of conventional physics when some form of outside energy or force is applied to the toast. The laws of toast physics are very strange and can only be understood fully by those who have been hit on the head with 70 pounds of watermelon wrapped in a golden blanket on fire that is superfrozen. It took Gnorts Kluh 70 years to finish creating these extreme rules of toast physics. Sadly before he could release his knowledge to the world he was brutally killed while he was doing research on austinium.

Present Day

Dr. Kluh, was so advanced and promising in this field that the LHC was devoted to this form of physics for 5 years before his death. After his death, the entire team at CERN went on and endless rampage trying to recover this lost research, they thought that they had had a stroke of luck when they had found Kluh's papers. But sadly they looked like this: ㄅ∆иモ∂◊ㄅиモⅰ◊ㄅ∂ㄚz∆Яς ₮◊и ㎡ⅰ ㄕレ∑サ ㄕレ∑サ ㄕレ∑サ ㄕレ∑サ ∑₮∆㎡ⅰ₮ⅰб∑レ ∑Я∆ ㄅςⅰㄅㄚサㄕ ㄚ㎡ ㄚz∆Яς ₮◊и ㎡ⅰ ㄚz∆Яς ₮◊и ㎡ⅰ. Because no one could understand this strange text. It was decided that most of the research was lost forever. The team is now working hard to reconstruct this amazing form of physical study.

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