The Toast Kicking Kid 2

A boy walked into a contest between a king and the TKA and declared to join them both. *Ha, that sounds so… well, ya know.* The boy was not an ordinary boy. He was the Toast Kicking Kid.

+The Dream

"YOU AGAIN!".. said the king. "Ha, look at this little… I don't even know what to call.. it," said the TKA. "Uh, it has arms, legs, and-" "Its a boy you idiot. A human being, like me; unlike you." said the king. "Why you little-", and the TKA and king went at it. *Ok, like seriously, this sounds like some type of por-* "Hey ladies…", said the Toast Kicking Kid, "save the fighting and aggressiveness for the battle." They both stopped, looked at each other and stood up and dusted off. "Let's do this." said the Kid.

There was music playing and people shouting, mostly for the Kid, but who cares. There were 3 judges. All three contestants were announced and were getting ready at their stations. The king was up first. A buzzer buzzed and he sliced bread, spread butter, and flipped toast like the Burger King slices pickles, cooks burgers, and sells them. Next was the TKA. Using the 7 Scrolls Of The Elder TKA he did all the same that the king did, but better of course, the thought. Last was, you guesed it, the Toast Kicking Kid. Using all his Dragon Balls he summoned the Master dragon and… ok, this isn't Dragon Ball Z… This is The Toast Kicking Kid 2. The kid is suppose to use the power of Toast Kicking and defeat the Toast King and the TKA. Oh…I think that I just ruined the story… I'm sorry. Well, maybe not. I mean, you already know who was gonna win. It's obvious. So the king died and was never seen again. *Ha. that's very funny.. to me at least*

By: SoEvol96

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