The Toast Kicking Kid

One upon a time, there was a boy who lived in a town where the food supply was terribly low. The poorest of the poor barely got the scraps of food left from the scraps of food from scraps of food the middle class people from the food of the high class people. The boy had to wake up early every morning just to run to the farm to get even an egg to cook. People would fight and even kill each other just to get the produce they needed for a decent enough meal. People starved and most died. During the afternoon one day, the boy was talking with his grandfather, and his grandfather spoke about a legend of The Toast Kicking Kid. The legend states that there was a kid, obviously a kid, who defeated the Toast King and Kicked the Toast. He also said that The Toast Kicking Kid's style of fighting was Toast Kicking. The boy was so eccentric from the story that every night, he dreamed of being The Toast Kicking Kid.

The Dream

In the Dream, there was a man, who was the Toast King, and he was the master of Toast Kicking. He could slice the butter, put it on the bread, and place the slice of bread on the skillet so precisely, that anyone who tried to go against him would be hurt in the process. The loser would have to be hit in the face by the toast that was kicked by the winner. The Toast King was so "great" that he became the King.. well, thats self-explanitory. Everyone secretly hated him, just because all he would serve his people was toast, and all on White bread, which is plain. Some stopped eating just because they didn't want the bread. The boy was one of those people and he wanted to put a stop to the madness. The boy trained and trained by being the first one to the farm and only buying a piece of bread and a stick of butter a day. In the morning, he would close his blinds, lock his door tight, and heat a skillet. He would take out a butter knife, concentrate, and slice the butter. After that, he would spread the butter on the bread. Then, with precise movements, he would flip the bread onto the skillet and let it become Toast. Soon, he was ready. The boy went to the Toast King and he declared a toast war to see who could make toast the fastest. Everyone watched in awe as the King and the boy went at it. The boy flipped with great speed and the King fell. Then the boy flipped the toast and kicked it in his face. There was butter dripping down the King's face, which was suppose to be blood, but according to the Von Prube's Theory of Everything…anyway, the boy won and He became the New Toast King.

Want To Be The Next Toast Kicking Kid?

All you have to do is train. Train, train, and train some more. Kick the toast. KICK IT!! You have to concentrate and don't mess up. Spread the butter perfectly on the bread and you will have trained enough. Now just keep doing it. There you go.

Sequal is The Toast Kicking Kid 2

By: SoEvol96

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