The Third Great Toast War

The cause

If you have seen the other two wars… this one is going to be VERY different from those. Assuming that you have read The Toast King, this war is caused from the clashing of the TKA and the Toast King, from The Toast Kicking Kid. The King thinks that he is the best at Toast Kicking since he thinks that he can make Toast the best since he thinks that he can spread the butter the best. *phew*… long run-on sentence. Anywho, the TKA appeared when the king called them out. SO… the TKA and The King wanted to fight it out… or, since this is about toast, TOAST KICK it out.

The Battle

Let's just say that it was afternoon, and the king made all of his "followers" (the people really didn't like him; find out why in The Toast Kicking Kid) come and watch the match. The King was announced first and no one cheered. He walked in silence, but thought, none-the-less he would win. Next the TKA was announced and still, no one cheered. *ha, who are these guys, if that were me, the people would* ANYWAY… They started to battle it out when an unknown soul came to the scene.

To be continued… in The Toast Kicking Kid 2

By: SoEvol96

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