The Great Guacamole God


The great guacamole god was created by Wythl as a result of a grilled cheese kicking experiment gone bad. The Great Guacamole God actually ended up becoming much more powerful than Wythl and eventually sided with the TKA.


The great guacamole god, within 12 nanoseconds of being created, had already read the complete works of Shakespeare, the dictionary, and invented guacamole twice. This angered Wythl, so he locked up the god in an unbreakable prison. But little did Wythl know that this was a huge mistake, because he gave this great god, the ability to think in complete solitude. TGGG Was able to sit and think, until eventually he learned everything. Including how to break out of the unbreakable prison. He released himself, and was never heard from again.

What did he do?

Besides inventing guacamole to make man happy, well, nothing really…

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