Ode to Grilled Cheese

This is said to be Wythl's version of the Ode to Toast.

Cheese, grilled, cheese,
How thou cannot deny you
Grilled, cheese, grilled,
Rhyming is one of your value
Cheese, grilled, cheese,
Better than Toast in two
Grilled, cheese, grilled
Toast Kicking is stupid and you should Punch Lasagna I really couldn't figure out what to rhyme with "two" did you notice in the opposite Ode it doesn't rhyme?
Grilled Cheese.

It is said reciting this Ode can lead to many issues, such as:

Die Uh Bee Tus
Insensitive Punching of Self
Bacon Element
Extreme Jogging
Lack of self-thought
Destruction of destruction
Pointless contradictions spewing out of your mouth
Hating Minecraft
Never getting "Call Me Maybe" out of your head
Toastish is all you can speak
You will grow mute in your left nostril
86.53% of 9.345% of your brain will be dedicated to the art of Hair Pulling
You will fall down a stair and break your fall
You will forget the words: poetry, incandescent, mouthful, and/or citation
Your feet will smell
You will not be able to finish reading this sentence.
You will die of Extreme Narcissism and say "Et tu, Brute?"
Kindred spirits will haunt you
Poland will break off from the continent of Europe and invade your home town.
You will try to find something that you cannot find
Your favorite color will be "Colour"
You will think everything is a window
A Chair will dislike your taste in music
Daft Punk will get lucky
Men will come to your house asking for chicken
The only word that comes to your mind will be "Reverend"
Ideas will sink into the ground rather into your mind
Rather than use the word "Vomit" you will say "Clear"
You will use the letter "rr" instead of "g"
Every breath you breathe will inhale more Nitrogen than the average human
You will see "respect" as "repsect"
You will grow hair on your fingernails
Every penny you find will be worth half a cent.


Horrendous Imagery will be seen when you read a happy, light-hearted book

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