The adjective Obious means "an idea so obvious that the 'v' in obvious is not required."

This has been used in many famous speeches:

Jesus Christ:
"Brothers, sisters, it is obious that the Lord has bestowed this toast for our feet to move at such a trajectory to make it fly!"

Rayford Von Pruben:
"Obiously, the Everything is all around us. You may deny the Everything, but it is quite obious in every way, fashion, and form, that is Everything. Even this speech is a small small small small small small small small (omit 343 'small') part of Everything."

"It was obious. Derr [insert baby voice] Blurp."

Gnorts Kluh:
"The LHC needed to be reformed; it was really really just so obious if you just damned look at the design, TKA!"

Toast-Kicker Alpha:
"If you had been so smart as to just listen, Gnor, you would realize the obious error in your tone."

Gnorts Kluh:
"Why aren't you listening to this obious error?"

Toast-Kicker Alpha:
"I thought it was obious on my side of this rejoinder."

Gnorts Kluh:
"You, sir, are obiously biased in every fashion and form!"

Toast-Kicker Alpha:
"Fine. If you are to be so obiously ignorant, I shall curse your LHC design to forever obious dealings. *whistles Flight of the Valkyries*"

Gnorts Kluh:
*obious silence*

"I am not as obious as you believe, Von Pruben…"

Main Watchers:
"This site, obious, so obious, every detail stands out in every fashion. Kick the obious toast, not the hidden. Obiously, smack no lasagna with one's closed hand! Obious. DIGIREN, use your obious baby voice. '[insert baby voice]' Obiously."

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