First Great Toast War

The First Great Toast War (3498 B.C. - 3422 B.C.) (also known as the Toast-Bread War) was a war between Toast and Bread to whomever could control the Holy Toast Lands. The Duke of Eldritchburough used to hold these lands, but during King KikToest's reign over Topepia, the Eldritchburoughens (also known as Breadiens) invaded Topepia. KikToest reacted by sending up the Toast Kicking Armies of Topepia to stop the invaders and seek revenge by invading Eldritchburough and the Holy Toast Lands.

Battle of Clorkien

When the Breadiens invaded Topepia, this was the first city they encountered any force to be reckoned with. This was the changing point of the war. They had taken control over about half of Topepia, but then KikToest's Head General, Moarthanagui, decided to act as they got overconfident. Using guerilla tactics and Kicking Toast in a very guerilla style, they overcame the Breadiens and suffered little casualties. The Breadiens lost about half their army, the Topepians lost around 12 (due to a strain to the toast most often).

Battle of Bolder

This was the last battle of the First Great Toast War. Bolder was the capital city of Eldritchburough. However, after a vast destructive attack from the Topepians, it was laid to waste. The Breadiens had lost most of their army, and the Topepians needed to knock out the last capital. The leaders were in hiding in the city, however, so they had to find them. Instead of looking through the city, they decided to not care and kicked toast all around the city. The city was laid to waste in 3422 B.C., effectively ending the war between the Toast and Bread.

Eldritchburough still existed afterward, but was left small and defenseless and stripped of all its resources. They secretly stocked up materials to finally try to destroy the Topepians. This is what sparked the most destructive war ever recorded in history, the Second Great Toast War.

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