Caseum Vim Syndrome

Caseum Vim Syndome (CVS) is a disorder that effects the lateral orbitofrontal cortex, characterized by thoughts of extreme violence when near any sort of cheese or other curdled good. This is also a very common disease. In the US, one in 0.063 kilopeople suffer from this, and new cases are being diagnosed every twelve minutes, 47 seconds. This is the only syndrome that can be passed on to others, but only through contact with a patient's blood. This can also arise from traumatic cheese-related memories as a child.

Signs and Symptoms

Violence Toward Cheese

When a sufferer is confronted with cheese, they feel an immeadiate need to apply physical violence in any manner to the cheese. This includes; biting, stabbing, kicking, stomping, and punching. This overwhelming need to attack cheese is irresistable, and a person will go to great lengths to destroy cheese.

In a lab test, a person was shown a picture of a piece of cheese that was in another room, separated by a maze. This person then ran straight through the maze, without a single mistake, so that they could attack the cheese. The control test was far slower and more erroneous. This tells us that during a cheese exposure, the brain essentially overclocks itself until the cheese rage is resolved. While this may seem like a good thing, during an episode, the brain is also in a perpetual state of unstoppable rage, and any attempts to use this have been futile.

Vivid Cheese Filled Hallucinations

In extreme cases, the negative reaction is so strong that even when not around cheese, a subject may begin to have strong delusions involving cheese and the destruction of it. These usually start as nightmares, but as things get worse, eventually they will creep into the real world, until cheese dominates the mind.



The only known medication for CVS is Trihydrogen Dioxide, which must be liberally applied to the brain to take effect. The results for this medication show a 73% decrease in cheese anxiety and a 45% increase in the appreciation of cheese.

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