Also known as Awesome, this is the finest form of solid animal fats in the multiverse.

What is butter?

Butter is butter, if you dont know what butter is than you'd BETTER learn what BUTTER is. If you do know what butter is then why are you on this page? Seriously, sounds like a waste of time to me. Like really, who just browses the internet looking up and clicking on things they already know about. I mean if everyone did that, the world would never get anything done. The internet is already full of nonsensical things, stop adding to the problem. AND, if you clicked on this page in the first place, WHY. YOU OBVIOUSLY HAD TO KNOW WHAT BUTTER IS. Please, i mean really, there has to be something better to do with your time, lets see… Maybe, take your dog for a walk? No? Dont have a dog? Well there, go get one. Dont like dogs? Theres a problem. if you throw that on top of not knowing what butter is, then that just makes you a terrible person all together. So next thing, maybe you should go for a walk. Dont even take your dog, I'd bet it hates being slowed down by you you fatty. You obviously dont get out much if you sit around all day clicking on links about BUTTER. Unless of course youre the hungry pumkin, in which case we love your work. BUT YOU PROBABLY ARENT THE HUNGRY PUMKIN. So here, is my suggestion, go outside. See the actual world, get a dog, get a life, but for god sakes, DONT CLICK ON LINKS ABOUT BUTTER!

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