Who is Austin?

Many people believe that Austin is the reincarnated version of TKA or Toast Kicker Alpha. They believe this because of TKA's last message to all of us, containing his name: "Hey y'all, my name is: Auburn Ustershire Samfred Tiltenhoe Ingotsio Nerius." People believe that this name is the modern day equivalent of Austin. This and many other facts that will be displayed in this article lead to this popular belief.

What's the point?

You may be thinking… The point is, that if in fact the above is true, Austin could be the greatest influential force since gravity.

Bibliographic evidence.

Many hints including the name Austin have been found in the lost scrolls of TKA (Sacred Toast Kicking Scrolls). These hints were very vague and made almost no sense until Austin himself was there to decode them. The only problem is that if they are ever fully decoded, they may cause a cataclysmic explosion inside your (yes you reader) brain. And therefore cannot be known.

Austin in history.

Mention of brief image or vision of Austin has been repeating throughout history, and is believed to be a device of the TKA in order to try and attempt to reveal the truth.

How it works.

Many theorize that as soon as you see or think of the name Austin, the truth is revealed to you. It is then immediately wiped from your memory and lost forever. This could be why people experience Deja-Vu.

Applications in history.

Here are some of the works Austins name has been found in.

-Austin and Juliet.
Quote: "Austin oh Austin where art thow?" "Oh Juliet, I seem to have found new love… With my boat."

-The Austinlisa

A faded ghost discovered!
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Scientists recently have found under close examination that there seems to be a faded ghost in the lower left closely resembling Austin.

There are many other factual details and applications of Austin, above are given only two. If you find one, remember to report it to the NASOA.

Austin in the future.

Certain time travelers have claimed to have seen Austin portrayed as the new TKA in the future. While it is probably true, however failure to dis-acknowledge this fact could lead to the end of time and space. So please disregard it now.

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