The Anti-Toast-Burning-Tempramatrix

The Anti-Toast-Burning-Tempramatrix was a tool invented by Mr.Brown in the first few moments of the Fourth Great Toast War. Mr. Brown, because he accidentally started the third great toast war direly felt the need to invent a stop to the rapid toast burning fury of Zeldathelia. As Zeldathelia started burning the first pieces of toast, an act unknown to man before its debut in the final moments before the war, Brown was astonished. The burning toast had started to cause a camroneium vacuum. This vacuum was one of the most deadly to ever occur and could have blown a hole in the universe the exact size of Belgium. This was Browns motivation to create the Anti-Toast-Burning-Tempramatrix. He quickly summoned the help of every sentient super-being in the universe to create this device. This device allowed the wearer to completely reverse any time stream events relating to the burning of toast, and unleash a terrible array of side-effects on the toast burner that almost completely coincide with the side effects of lasagna punching. It is unknown at the time if this device was successful, because as Brown said "I don't know if it worked I have to check by testing it. I will see you at the end of the universe." and also something about Brown revealing the secret tearing apart the universe or something that no one payed attention to. It is known though, that the fourth great toast war did end with a peaceful resolution, and was also one of the primary reasons the Toast Defense Agency For Underprivileged Toast was formed.

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