Von Pruben's Theory Of Everything

Von Pruben's Theory of Everything

This theory includes everything. It does not not include everything. And almost certainly contains not nothing. It contains so much everything that nothing is left for it to contain. It also contains this nothing. It contains so much of the nothing that it can not possibly contain everything. Yet, it does contain everything. It contains so much everything, and so much nothing, that it is thought to just be comprised of stuff. The stuff however, has to be made of something, which everything contains unless that something is nothing. Therefore, this theroy contains all of the everything, nothing, something, and stuff in the universe. This means that the theroy contains its self. But if it contains its self, it can not be observed from the outside. If it is to remain a theory, there has to be an outside observance. Because there is no outside observance one must assume that there is stuff outside of all of the everything that this theroy contains. It contains that stuff. It also includes the colour Brown.

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