Teium is the only super-element known to date. Discovered by Kerlen Te Neverbet, it contains Cameronium Ions Cameronium +Cameronium Cameronium -20 #2 and isotope Cameronium O9T.

Only Neverbet has ever synthesized Teium. If you accidentally miss a half-electron or lose a neutron, the entire element breaks apart. During Sand-Digging Day, somebody found a paper written by Neverbet; however, it was written in an unknown language. Currently, the whereabouts of this paper are hidden by the government, who secretly want to keep secretly secret toast kicking a secretive secret.

It is said that this is what the paper said:

JKoLn Pef Re Klon Megegegege Sde lo fam ke ke ne lo Megegege Re Klon Pef de nyn vasque pulo fertral kaerl kaerl re klon Megege Sde fam ne ne Pef nyn Re Mege pon trace sun hugul waf ful re klon Me sde lo fam keke lo ne.

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