Krawkyz (Toast-Infinity B.T. / Toast-2000 B.T. - Present - Presence) is one of the most secretive people of the last eon. He was noticed by Rayford Von Pruben, during one of Von Pruben's Theory of Everything Experiments. Krawkyz was well-hidden, but Von Pruben knew enough of Everything to know what Krawkyz was. Using his observations, Von Pruben made a sub-theory called Cameronization.

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It is unknown where Krawkyz started existing on Earth, even with LHC tests, since every time they tried to located the beginning of his existence using it, the optical loop of the starfront display burnt out effectively breaking down the LHC for the least amount of cost possible. It is estimated Krawkyz started existing on Earth around Toast-2000 B.T. (Rayford Von Pruben denies this, saying Krawkyz existed when Mr.Brown started to exist. It is generally not believed by Toakologists, but the Theory of Everything states so.)

Krawkyz worked in his later years as an indentured keyboard monkey

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