Kerlen Te Neverbet

Kerlen Te Neverbet (Toast-200 B.B.- LoafofToast-200 B.B.) was a former student of Rayford Von Pruben. During one of Von Pruben's Theory of Everything speeches, while the audience was booing, Neverbet stood up and yelled "It's true! Look!" The audience ignored him, but Von Pruben had noticed. They met later and talked. Te Neverbet was one of the few well-known Juckamugetologists, or people who study Cameronium. He discovered many forms of this, and discovered the super-element Teium.

Relationship to Von Pruben

Kerlen Te Neverbet was a student of the first Juckamugetologist, Rayford Von Pruben. He studied Cameronium alongside Von Pruben, but Von Pruben was always a millisecond ahead of Neverbet. While most of their innovations were collaboratory, Von Pruben often discovered them first. It wasn't until Von Pruben died that Neverbet started to become well-known.


Kerlen Te Neverbet found a few interesting Cameronium Ions (discussed in Juckanamugetology). Cameronium +Cameronium contined Cameronium amounts of protons, ultimately containing a thing of a thing. It is discussed as this equation:

$C^2C = C^c - Cp$
(where C = Cameronium +1 Ion, c = Cameronium, and p = proton)
Next, Neverbet discovered Cameronium -20 #2, where it contained, rather than 20 electrons only, it contained 40 Half-Electrons.

$C^2c = C^c - Ce/2$
(where e = electron)
Lastly, he discovered the O9T isotope of Cameronium.

$C^2c = C^c - C/0n$
(where n = neutron)
All three of these ions and isotopes combine to make Teium, the only super-element known to date.


One day, while experimenting with Teium, a Cameronium Vacuum formed due to its super-element powers. This is the longest-lasting recorded Cameronium Vacuum, lasting 30 seconds. It destroyed the majority of France, and crushed Neverbet. (It was said if it lasted 1 second longer, the entire world would've collapsed.)

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