Juckanamugetology (short for "Jogulartrefaritedaweralanalamusegelofodepulavyneadmoeuesotology) is the study of Cameronium, atomic number 0.

Cameronium Vacuum

The Cameronium Vacuum was discovered by Rayford Von Pruben early in his life. He noted that when an area in the universe lacked Cameronium, all atoms would rush towards it at one millimeter per second under the speed of light. Most of these Vacuums stop in a matter of .000000000001 seconds; however, there have been long cases of this. Paris was subjected to major damage after one near it lasted 30 seconds. The White House was destroyed by one in 1812 (though many believe today it was the British who destroyed it, but it has been disproven time and time again). Chernobyl was an example of an offset Cameronium Vacuum, which chains together Cameronium Vacuums to cause harm to an area. Using this knowledge, Toakologists have determined that earthquakes are formed by Cameronium Vacuums. Some extremists believe that the Cameronium Vacuum is caused by Krawkyz trying to Cameronize (see Von Pruben's Cameronization theory) the world.


Cameronium is the "nothing" atom. Whenever a space contains "nothing," it has Cameronium in it. However, when all the nothing and something leave an area, bad things occur. All elements are comprised of some form of Cameronium. A negative ion of Cameronium is an electron, while a positive ion of Cameronium is a proton. This would mean that Cameronium +1 is the same as Hydrogen +1, whilst both of them have different concepts. Isotopes of Cameronium are neutrons. There are only a few ions and isotopes of Cameronium, and trying to create new ones causes a brief discrepency between the third and the first dimension. It has been recorded the spotting of the zeroth dimension. Observers state "it was like there was a dot and nothing else."

List of Cameronium Ions

+1 (Unstable and often Flammable)
+31.5 (pairs up with -13.5)
+136 (Disappears when there are more or less than 287 neutrons)
+Cameronium (Discovered by Kerlen Te Neverbet)

-13.5 (pairs up with +31.5)
-20 #2 (Discovered by Kerlen Te Neverbet)
-Infinity (Von Pruben's Theory of Everything)

List of Isotopes


O9T (Discovered by Kerlen Te Neverbet)

Kerlen Te Neverbet

Kerlen Te Neverbet was a former student of Von Pruben.
He discovered many properties of Cameronium that rippled the field of Toakology. He proved how Cameronium linked in directly with the TKA's main toast kicking structure, and acquired the beginning of the toast kicking equation TKA had made. He also proved Björn's existence using Cameronium +Cameronium, Cameronium -20 #2, and Cameronium O9T (otherwise known as Teium).


Krawkyz was the first to use and take advantage of Cameronium. The reasoning behind the name of Cameronium is when Krawkyz used it to Cameronize (see Cameronization) half of the world. He wrote one of The 7 Scrolls of the Elder TKA, the only one that showed how Cameronium linked completely and utterly to Toast Kicking and how it should be a required essence in everyday life.

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