Fighting Alien Werewolf Cyborg Zombie Ninja Vampire Mailman Wizards From The Seventh Dimension Who Fight Using Flaming Light...
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Also known as playing an electric guitar, on top of a mountain, surrounded by flames while being struck by lightning, fighting alien werewolf cyborg zombie ninja vampire mailman wizards from the seventh dimension who fight using flaming light saber gatling gun chainsaw dynamite katanas and drive ghostly tessarects that shoot lasers and particle beams while learning the true meaning of friendship and a guy named Earl. And winning. This is the most awesome act in the universe, and is said to cure blindness and diabetes. It also translates into yehabin de kerflubin shne fobiedobie bopitybobitybingbang flifflofagus fungi flatter flubber fling fang in Toastish (the lost language of Toast Kicker Alpha). .

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